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$4,000 One-time Grant

to engage in activities associated with student excellence

Mar 12 Deadline to Apply

All materials must be submitted to the Chellgren Faculty Fellows Selection Committee

Open to All Faculty

instructors, clinical, tenured and tenure-track from any department

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The Chellgren Center for Undergraduate Excellence is pleased to announce this RFP for academic year 2023-2024 that will provide grants of up to $4,000 for Faculty Fellows to engage in activities associated with student excellence. This program provides resources and support for faculty to design academic courses, research projects, and other forms of creative work. Activities developed should sustain equity-oriented partnerships, organize novel opportunities for students to learn, and support faculty and students to implement ethical and rigorous participatory activities.

Benefits for Faculty Fellows

Resources: Each Faculty Fellow receives a one-time grant of $4,000, which can be used for summer salary, teaching/research materials, funding needs, or other appropriate uses, as determined by applicant and approved by Chellgren Center Selection Committee and Chair.

Membership in a professional learning community: Exchange ideas and intellectual support with other Fellows at the Center and beyond.


Grantees may be asked to present their experiences, provide consultation, or serve as mentors for faculty interested in the program (we are mindful of time commitments).

Faculty Fellow Requirements

Meet with Chellgren Center Director, Dr. Isabel C. Escobar, to identify discipline specific resources, materials, and model courses.

Participate in assessing outcomes of funding.

Application Checklist:

✔️ Grant proposal

✔️ Budget and narrative


Grant Proposal Requirements

Length: Three pages maximum, not including budget narrative, or syllabi (if applicable).

  1. Description of activity: Please provide a detailed description of the activity and how it will benefit students.
  2. Assessment: Please be prepared to provide a short description of a planned assessment strategy.
  3. Sustainability: Describe plans for sustainability.


Budget and Narrative Requirements (1 page)

Please provide a budget showing how you will use the $4,000.

Eligibility & Selection Process

The Chellgren Faculty Fellows Program is open to all faculty members (instructors, lecturers, clinical, tenured and tenure-track) from any department. Graduate students are not eligible. If instructors are applying as a team, each will receive the full grant (e.g. $8000 for a team of two instructors).

A completed application must be submitted electronically to the Chellgren Faculty Fellows Selection Committee via email to no later than March 12, 2023.